Presidents Report

President’s Report – July 2018

July already!?



Well that means one thing is for certain… ASSA Vic has its turn to show the Vic State Race Series how to run the best event of the year, fondly known as the Hot Dog round due to Anne and her team’s exceptional work of cooking Hot Dogs for the volunteers lunch on Sunday.


I can hear you asking how can you be involved in the action and get lunch and snacks provided for the weekend? Pretty easy really, you can contact Warren via email and register your availability for the weekend. We still need volunteers to help out with the running of the event, as this is the round we host and a round we are very proud of we need members help and support to make it the best run round of the year. The more people we can get in to help the less work it becomes for everyone.


In June the ASSA Vic club took 5 of our member’s cars and put on a display at Australia’s largest automotive show, MotorEx Melbourne. Rick Newman, Graeme Gilliland and Ran Maclurkin generously lent us complete and race ready cars for the show. Craig Simon and I took our half built chassis along to give people an understanding of what is under the skin of a Sports Sedan.
Ran and I put in a big Friday effort to lay about 250 carpet tiles to form the base of our display, clearly there is a pattern and direction on the carpet tiles and clearly Ran was doing his best to slip a couple of tiles in facing a different direction to the others… However we did manage to get the display setup and ready to go just before Rick dropped off his series points leading Ford, Anne was next in with the RX7 which just left Craig’s chassis to come. The show was a massive success, not only for us but for the event organisers too with 29,655 people coming through the gates over the weekend and 705 entrant cars in total it smashed all predictions and previous year’s records. So much so that the event organisers have decided to ditch swapping between Melbourne and Sydney each year and just leave the event in Melbourne, pretty good considering it has been a Sydney based show since its beginnings.
Over the course of the weekend we represented and promoted our Sports Sedans class and sponsors with show bags, flyers and posters. We handed out over 250 show bags packed with information, stickers and copies of the Auto Action magazine. We had hundreds of other people through our stand as well, from people who started with no idea what a Sports Sedan really was right through to those who had mates that used to race or even worked on some of the cars on display. I would like to give a special thanks to Ran and Anne who spent the entire weekend at the stand talking and engaging people plus helping setup and pack down. Thanks also to everyone who gave up some time to get their cars in and out of the event and to everyone that came past to have a look. I’m already looking forward to putting on a display again in 2019 to help push our fantastic category and club forwards.


Jason Clements