Practice and track day opportunity

One of our members, John Ristevski, has bought to our attention an opportunity to run some practice/track days at the “Wodonga TAFE Logic Campus” race track in Wodonga in 2019.

The track is 1.6km long, has a 300 metre straight and is 11 metres wide. It conforms to CAMS standards and we can drive on the track with an L2S licence or higher.

Whilst not as long as the tracks we have become accustomed to, the consensus is that it is adequate for testing and practice opportunities. We believe the track now has curbs and some gravel traps installed.

We would need a minimum of around ten cars and a maximum of about twenty to make the day a success. The CAMS permit allows us three cars on the track at any one time, this will give drivers many hours of track time over an eight hour day. The procedure as to how we regulate cars on the track would be decided with regard to how many entries we have on the day.  We could have timed sessions or simply one car off and one car on. Later in the afternoon we could even run a time attack type of event, maybe with trophies.

To run the day in accordance with the CAMS permit we would need some volunteers including a first aid officer, a scrutineer and a clerk of course to name a few. We have all these people in the club so this should not present any problems.

The club is considering subsidising the event to some degree. Although we are not sure of the cost for each driver, we are guessing it may be available to members only at around $50 for the day. For non-members, should there be spaces available, the cost would be higher.

The time to Wodonga is around 3.5 hours from Melbourne so it could make for a fairly long day but there are plenty of places in the area to stay the night before and there are many good reasons in favour of this venue.

  1. We should be able to hire the track on weekends.

  2. There is not a 74Db noise limit.

  3. There will not be a bunch of slow dangerous cars on track getting in the way.

  4. We should get way more track time than the usual test or sprint day at the major tracks.

  5. The weather is drier and warmer up north.

  6. There will only be Sports Sedans at the track.

  7. The track is very new and in top condition.

  8. We can have passenger ride sessions.

  9. We may even be able to have test drives to encourage new members.

  10. We will be encouraging instructors for driver training.

  11. Should turn out to be a fun social day with some serious testing.

We are looking to organise a trial day later this year, somewhere around October and if successful we could consider four or five test days in 2019.

The committee is keen to hear the opinions of the ASSA members about this proposal. Please let us know what you think, member input is always appreciated. If you are interested in participating as a driver, or as part of the support crew please let us know via email

Warren Cleland

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