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Well, another year has nearly passed. I guess it’s an old line for us more mature tragics - doesn’t the time fly! The months of September / October have been quite busy in particular, as I have been privileged to assist Michael Robinson at Sydney Motorsport Park, Bathurst and the Gold Coast at National Sports Sedan rounds, all in the space of about 6 weeks. Together with Ken House, we have attended a couple of the biggest race meetings in the country if not the world. The exposure for our category cannot be overstated. Many a spectator offered their enthusiastic support with both the speed and diversity of the class. Ran Maclurkin has written a couple of articles for both Bathurst and the Gold Coast events later in this edition.


2023 has been a busy year as we continue to recover from ‘necessary’ lock downs. A few highlights of the year have been;

  • A full season of the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship. While the fields were not as big as we would have liked, we have welcomed a couple of new members and look forward to more in 2024.


  • We have this year received great support from The Groove Train – Eastland, QP Lubes and National Blind Suppliers. Pretty much any club member competing in a round of the club championship has received either prize money, appearance money or a trophy supported by these small businesses. Special mention goes to club member, committee member and competitor Vin Stenta, who as the owner of The Groove Train Eastland has provided the funds that has enabled us to hand out about $5,000 in prize money so far. The Groove Train Eastland combined with the QP Lubes sponsorship has also provided the opportunity for appearance money to be paid to each club member who qualifies for a round. We offered the competitors the option of either receiving the appearance money or forgoing it and ‘gifting’ it towards a donation to a charity (Beyond Blue). So far this year we have donated over $1,600 to Beyond Blue.  


  • The ASSA Inc. promoted VSCRC round in August was well supported by our club members, who as volunteers devoted their weekend as officials to make sure the event ran smoothly. Thanks to Colin and Gale Smith and the organising committee for their efforts. The entry numbers were down this year. We will need to do better next year.


  • Cam McKee put in a great effort to get some trades to display their wares at the August Sandown event and also obtained a swag of gardening gear, supplied by Toro and Pope. We managed to put together two ‘barrows loaded with gear’ and raffled these off with funds ($324) once again going to Beyond Blue. Winners Dorothy Wojtonis (1st prize) and Paul Meade (2nd) quickly collected their barrows full of gear and assured us their green patches would appreciate the attention.


  • The ASSA committee has continued to work with the State Race Executive to improve how the Sate Race events are managed, in particular to get better consistency in entry process and promotion. We are very fortunate that the Victorian State Series is the bench mark of the country and we need to make sure it remains that way.


  • Elsewhere in this edition Chas Talbot has penned a report on his and Dean Camm’s trip to the Laguna Seca historic race meeting with their F5000’s.


Power to weight ratio

Each state of Australia, which has an association for our category, has been given the opportunity to vote for the proposed amendment to the 3D (Sports Sedan) Motorsport Australia rules. Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the National Group have all voted in favour of our category being limited to a power to weight ratio of 1 brake horsepower (engine) to 1.5 kg (racing weight). South Australia to the best of our knowledge has not voted on this change. Our national representative, Michael Robinson has now confirmed with MA this result.


Our AGM will be held on 15/11/23. Everyone should have received notice last week.

Committee Positions for 2024


  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • General Committee, Minimum 4 positions


In a departure from recent years, the committee, when elected, will determine who will represent the club at State Race Executive, State Council and at National level. This accords with our model rules and will ensure your committee provides the best outcomes for the class in our representation at the State Series, State Council and at National level, in particular event management, rules and collaboration with the National competition.


All the best for the balance of 2023,

Stephen Craig SS #51

Presidents Report November 2022

By all accounts the competitors amongst us have enjoyed 2022, as evidenced by good entries from most categories and most events and there have been plenty this year!

2022 has been a busy year as we have recovered from the demands of ‘necessary’ lock downs.

A few highlights of the year have been;

  • After a false start last year, we managed to get to the AGP in April and presented 5 good examples of our cars. Thanks to Warren, Liam, Graeme, Tony and Michael for putting the effort into taking their cars to track and picking them up late on the Sunday. Thanks also to the other members who represented the rest of us over the 4 days.



  • The 50year dinner in April was attended by 165 foundation, past, present members family and friends. There were many stories of old acquaintances catching up, not many ‘you haven’t aged a bit’! Thanks to all who got the night over the line. It took 3 years of stop start, however we got there and the result was a night to remember.

  • The 50 year of sports sedans book went into print in October with a limited 100 book run that all but a couple left, sold out.

  • We attended the Gary Rogers Motorsport workshops and were welcome and informed by Barry and Nathan on the night. Its great to see these tragics thinking out side the square and putting their efforts into new ideas.

  • Warren managed to get our exclusive attendance to the Fox Museum in Docklands


It has been a busy competition year with numerous state and national events. There has been plenty of choice and 2023 looks to be no different. The dates for next year’s state race series rounds have been published and pretty much locked in. The current committee has worked hard during 2022 to keep our fields of sports sedans as full as possible, however we have on occasion been ‘underwhelmed’. Lets hope that the promise of at least ½ dozen new cars in 2023 is realised and we can regularly field about 20+ cars. We discuss at every committee meeting any intel on new cars and if there is anything this club can do to make sure they hit the track.


Else where in this edition you will find a summary of the committee positions that need to be filled, with all positions vacant at our AGM on Wednesday 14/12. If you haven’t been on the committee before and feel that assisting the category to grow and help like minded members is your thing, then your club is calling.

All the best for the festive season and 2023, Stephen Craig SS #51


Well, my first report as president – I am honoured to be given such a responsibility! Thank you to Chas for all his hard work during the past year and to the whole committee for their efforts during, dare I say it, a difficult year. I do not envy Chas and the challenges that he faced, during a year that nobody saw coming, what with minimal racing and no time to catch up with mates and get on the ‘beers’. Thanks also to Graeme Hume, who has retired from committee after a couple of years. Chas and Graeme as mature aged gentlemen with years of engineering experience have built many cars and enjoyed the challenges of creation. Don’t hesitate to ask these guys for ideas, they are always willing. Laurie Davidson and John Reidy also deserve special mention for their efforts in getting the membership cards and newsletters out. For 2021 we welcome Gale Smith, Jan Craig and Graeme Gilliland, all well versed in their respective roles on the committee.
The 2020 committee managed to meet (via video) on several occasions and discussed matters ranging from member involvement, championships, rule refinements, our round in July (it was close to happening!) and last but not least the 50-year celebration (postponed until 2021). Let’s hope that 2021 brings some amount of normal. We are fortunate to have acquaintances and lifelong friends of like minds, who enjoy the thrill of the build, the competition and comradery be it helping or as a steering wheel attendant at our chosen level. The 2020 year of ‘disruption’ has had varying effects on us all, some more significant than others, let us make sure we support our friends where we can, it can be as simple as a yack on the phone!
The 2021 committee have already met and as I write will be meeting again soon. This year we will focus on finding out what each of our members is up to, whether it’s what their proposed competition calendar is, or how their build is going. From a quick look there are plenty of builds in progress and if only half deliver our fields should be OK. It goes without saying that we want as many cars on the grid as possible. We remain a privileged category that is both involved in management of the Motorsport Australia State Series and one that is on the category list for each round.
While not wanting to harp too much on 2020, for some, the year closed with Island Magic at Phillip Island in November. I was fortunate to attend (for a couple of hours) and together with 5 others we experienced the new era of ‘risk averse’ management from medico’s, race administrators circuit owners. Our small group of ‘isolates’ managed to watch the Sunday afternoon racing from outside the track clinging onto the wire fence like caged animals. Plenty has been written and discussed about this debacle; all we can hope is that lessons have been learnt.
I am sure most will be aware that the competition licence renewal process at Motorsport Australia was changing during 2020 with renewals being postponed and a new App being introduced to replace paper (bit of challenge for some us, I’ll say). If in doubt get onto MA to make sure your licence is ready!
All the committee members commit a lot of time to their allocated roles and 2021 will be no exception. This coming year will include getting cars on the state grids, much work on the 50 year do (Aug ’21), our state round in July, collaborating with the Nationals for a combined round or two and let’s see if we can get a couple of road trips in during the year.
In closing please be assured that your 2021 committee will be hard at work, representing our members. If you don’t think so tell us why!
All the best for 2021

Stephen Craig SS #51


Do not get caught out when attending your first event for the year. All apparel has maximum time for use or compliance standards, be it suits, seat belts, helmets and in some instances part of head & neck restraints. Check out the rules and make sure you are ready to go.

Presidents Report January 2020

Hello to all ASSA members I trust you have had a great holiday break and are now looking
forward to a good year of competition. Races for 2019 have been run and won, a big thank you to all
competitors for their efforts to make a memorable season. Commiserations to all those who had
mechanical problems and or accidents, the disappointment and cost is always difficult to cope with, I
know the feelings. Congratulations to all the winners both class and outright, and to Dean Camm for
his clean sweep of the outright 6 Litre class win.
Now it is ahead of us to face the 2020 season and to make it a bigger and better race season.
There are race cars in the wings that have not been seen at the race track for some time, while this
plea is an annual occurrence, your new committee urges all members to ask around and offer what
help you can, or relay your findings to a committee member. We all need to work together as a group
towards improving our grid numbers, and also our membership numbers. Member attendance at the
3rd Wednesday monthly meetings have been disappointing in recent times and must improve. If there
is a problem with the concept etc. of these meetings, your committee can only do something about
that if you make your opinions known. So, I suggest, stop bitching about in the shadows and do
something constructive to help.
Our presentation night is scheduled for Saturday the 15 of Feb 2020. The first race meeting is
on the weekend of the 15th – 16th Feb. Check the magazine for details. Entries are out for the first race
meeting, enter on the CAMS web site, CAMS has a name change from Jan 2020 to MOTORSPORT
AUSTRALIA. You may come across this when entering their site. There are 5 race meeting for 2020, 2 of
which are combined State and National events, there is a possibility of a 6th meeting, entry fee for
National combined event will be the same as for the State meetings, check the Magazine for dates etc.
Stay cool and we will meet again soon.
Chas #12


President’s Report July 2019

Round 2 of the State Race Series has been run and won at a very cold Phillip Island. Congratulations to Dean Camm for winning all 3 races on the weekend but it was very close between the first three placegetters.

The Sandown Historic meeting is approaching and we would like to get an expression of interest from those who are going to compete. As this is a prestigious event we are going to have to put on a good show, not only for the spectators but also make QPL proud to be part of our association.  We have the National cars possibly 10-12 joining us but do need at least another 15 to satisfy VHHR and get an invitation to come back in 2 years time.

Our next project is the up and coming Round 4 of the VSCRC which we organize and run. Most of you know that it does take a lot of commitment from the key organisers who need (especially on Friday for the private practice) the help from all members. To help save hair loss and greying it would be great if people could start and put their hand up now of their availability.  We are expecting a couple of big fields this year Formula Vee, Group N & Excels so Graeme is going to need help with his Grid Team on Saturday & Sunday. This is our biggest income for the year which helps to keep membership fees down and supports other functions throughout the year.

We have had the Sports Sedan site updated and are looking at increasing information on it so hopefully attract more interest in our class.

Thanks to Chris Neal for reminding us that we are 50 years old next August (some of us wish) and yes we are planning on doing something special for that, more information to follow.





Congratulations to Rick Newman for being our 2018 Club Champion and also to all our 2018 Class and Round winners.
Thank you to Anne and the committee for organising the presentation dinner which I think everyone enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with a combination of old and new members. It was also great that Sue and her family were able to attend and receive the 2018 Andrea Johnson Award posthumously for Barney. Thank you to Darren Smith for being the MC for the night and as always very entertaining.
As most of you would be aware by now, we have Quality Performance Lubricants (QP Lubes) on board for 2019. They are very enthusiastic about sponsoring us so I would hope that we can all support them in whatever way we can with their products.
The committee has made the decision that with some of the sponsorship money we will be paying prize money for each round to 10th place for financial members.
We have a great series for 2019 with six rounds including the prestigious Sandown Historic in late October. The point score for club awards this year will be over five rounds with the lowest round point’s for each driver dropped.
There are changes to the CAMS Race Meeting Standing Regulations for this year that affect all competitors both State and National. They are on our website and have been sent thru info @ Sports Sedans please take the time to read and digest them. If you haven’t received them please contact me and I will get a copy to you.
There seems to be a lot of rumours going around about tyre deals that the Association have made with some suppliers. Let me make it quite clear we have no agreement with any supplier to make any monitory gain from the selling of tyres to our competitors to the Association; it is up to the individual to negotiate the price of their tyres and to display their sticker in return.
Round 1 of the State Race Series has been run and won under trying conditions for both drivers and vehicles with the extreme heat we had over the three days, because of this race starts were changed to Rolling Starts, which challenged some competitors in the first race but by Sunday afternoon it worked well. The gridding in pit lane made a lot of difference and everyone said what a great spectacle it made.
We must also thank Steve Duggan from SD PICS for supplying us with photos of the 2018 winners for our website and magazine. Steve is at all rounds of the State Race Series with photos available on the weekend.
I look forward to seeing you all at the General Meeting and Race Tracks


0417 373 165



Firstly, I must thank the outgoing committee for all the time and hard work they have put in to ensure that 2018 was a great year for Sports Sedans.


Some of our members may be under the impression that we have an arrangement with a tyre supplier to supply and fit tyres for our members at a cost agreed to by the Association.  This is not the case, we have no ties with any tyre suppliers at the moment, and any discount you get is purely by your own negotiations. If this situation changes we will let you know immediately.


December’s General Meeting is traditionally a social gathering with no formalities, at The Rising Sun Hotel. 


we are hoping to attract more members to our meetings by having Guest Speakers followed by a short General Meeting.

More Road trips.

We can only make these nights happen with your participation in these evenings.

If you know of anyone that you think would be of interest to our association as a Guest Speaker, or a topic that you would like to hear about e.g. suspension, or a venue for a road trip that is of interest please let me know and we can try to arrange it.

We have a number of current and former Motor Sport Competitors and Officials that we believe we are able to approach to be Guest Speakers.


More news about meetings will be advised by email and newsletter throughout the year.

The newsletter for next year will be produced after each race meeting and we would like as much input as we can, especially race reports but anything that you think would be of interest to our members.

The dates are pretty much set (as per the last information email) for the VSCRS with only the Winton round to be finalised, more information as it comes to hand.


If you ever want to discuss any matter please feel free to call or email, let’s make 2019 a year of rebuilding our Association back to its former glory and comradery.


Lastly, do not forget our Presentation Night Feb 9 at Windy Hill. Anne has put together a flyer further in the mag with all the information that you require.


On behalf of the Committee I wish you and your families a Safe and Merry Christmas and happy New Year.



0417 373 165.


July already!?



Well that means one thing is for certain… ASSA Vic has its turn to show the Vic State Race Series how to run the best event of the year, fondly known as the Hot Dog round due to Anne and her team’s exceptional work of cooking Hot Dogs for the volunteers lunch on Sunday.


I can hear you asking how can you be involved in the action and get lunch and snacks provided for the weekend? Pretty easy really, you can contact Warren via email and register your availability for the weekend. We still need volunteers to help out with the running of the event, as this is the round we host and a round we are very proud of we need members help and support to make it the best run round of the year. The more people we can get in to help the less work it becomes for everyone.


In June the ASSA Vic club took 5 of our member’s cars and put on a display at Australia’s largest automotive show, MotorEx Melbourne. Rick Newman, Graeme Gilliland and Ran Maclurkin generously lent us complete and race ready cars for the show. Craig Simon and I took our half built chassis along to give people an understanding of what is under the skin of a Sports Sedan.
Ran and I put in a big Friday effort to lay about 250 carpet tiles to form the base of our display, clearly there is a pattern and direction on the carpet tiles and clearly Ran was doing his best to slip a couple of tiles in facing a different direction to the others… However we did manage to get the display setup and ready to go just before Rick dropped off his series points leading Ford, Anne was next in with the RX7 which just left Craig’s chassis to come. The show was a massive success, not only for us but for the event organisers too with 29,655 people coming through the gates over the weekend and 705 entrant cars in total it smashed all predictions and previous year’s records. So much so that the event organisers have decided to ditch swapping between Melbourne and Sydney each year and just leave the event in Melbourne, pretty good considering it has been a Sydney based show since its beginnings.
Over the course of the weekend we represented and promoted our Sports Sedans class and sponsors with show bags, flyers and posters. We handed out over 250 show bags packed with information, stickers and copies of the Auto Action magazine. We had hundreds of other people through our stand as well, from people who started with no idea what a Sports Sedan really was right through to those who had mates that used to race or even worked on some of the cars on display. I would like to give a special thanks to Ran and Anne who spent the entire weekend at the stand talking and engaging people plus helping setup and pack down. Thanks also to everyone who gave up some time to get their cars in and out of the event and to everyone that came past to have a look. I’m already looking forward to putting on a display again in 2019 to help push our fantastic category and club forwards.


Jason Clements

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