Welcome to the 2020 QPL Victorian Sports Sedan Championship

** unfortunately the 2020 VSCRC has been cancelled due to Covid19, at this stage Island Magic 50k Plate is still a scheduled event on November 28/29th. Stay tuned!


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Dean Camm 2019 Outright Champion


2019 Sports Sedan Class Winners…

Steve Howard
Winner CLASS A (0-2000cc)
Graeme Gilliland
Winner CLASS B (2001-4000cc)
Dean Camm
Winner Class C (4001-6000cc)
Danny Timewell
Winner Production Class



Round 1

February 14 -16 VSCRC – ASSA Round 1 Sandown

Round 2

March 28 -29 VSCRC – ASSA Round 2 Winton CANCELLED

Round 3

May 16 - 17th VSCRC – ASSA Round 3 Phillip Island

VSCRC ROUND 4 - ASSA Vic run round

July 20 - July 22nd – ASSA Vic run Sandown Raceway

Round 5

September 29 - September 30 - ASSA Round 4 Phillip Island

Round 6

November 28 - November 29 – ASSA Round 5 Phillip Island



A sports sedan must be derived from a mass-produced car where more than 5000 examples of the model have been built in one year. Naturally, each Sports Sedan must be fitted with a roll cage and include all other safety features and an engine size restricted to 6 litres capacity.


These ‘wild and winged’ Sports Sedans are motor racing’s most modified machines. Under most generously broad rules, constructors can build wild and wonderful works of mechanical art that originated from the family car.


The Sports Sedans category is one where freedom of expression is regarded as a legitimate means to an end – and that end is performance, and lots of it.
“Thundering 700 horsepower V8’s, whispering turbo’s and wailing rotaries”



Sports sedans are the most modified full bodied cars in Australian motor sport. Typically they commence build using a steel tube ”space frame” chassis, add mechanical components, composite body panels which can resemble the family sedan or transform a sports saloon into something more exotic with the addition of wheel arch flares to accommodate the wide slick rubber, plus front spoilers and a large rear wing to generate downforce.


The most successful cars in recent years have sourced power from a 700+ horsepower 6000cc V8 engines and transmit that power through a 5 or 6 speed transaxle rear end. The result is the fastest cars with a roof, and in many instances these cars are knocking on the door of recording fastest outright track laps at circuits nationwide.


Alternatively a number of competitors have purchased or built American style Trans-am race cars that are eligible under the present rules and able to compete competitively with the Aussie built sports sedans.

Victorian Sports Sedan Club Championship


The Victorian Sports Sedan Club Championship is run over six rounds. Club Championship rounds are held at state events with a balance of other events
There are four classes in which you can race and score points, three classes are based on engine cc. Classes are identified with a Fluorescent letter directly under the competition number on the windscreen so that spectators can keep track of who is leading a class.


C: Up to 2000cc
B: 2001cc to 4000cc
A: 4000cc to 6000cc

D: Production Class


The Club Championship has an outright champion as well as class champions. You must be a member of the Australian Sports Sedan Association (Vic.) to score points.